As a founding director, Gwen brings Project One Earth practical experience supported by extensive academic research in change management, crisis management, knowledge management and learning psychology.

Gwen is currently a senior educator at the Australian College of Applied Psychology and a freelance educator for various industries, Registered Training Organisations, Universities/ Colleges and independent organisations. She specialises in industry training designing and facilitating in Leading and Visioning, Strategic Human Resource Management, Managing in Ambiguity and Change, Conflict Management, Managing and Developing Teams, Communication Management, and other Workplace Management and Learning portfolios.

She is also a qualified Cross Cultural Counsellor and has worked in projects with refugees, asylum seekers, and Indigenous Australians as well as with clients, students and organisations overseas and in Australia.

She has extensive experience in designing and implementing projects based on workplace learning and knowledge management, and in facilitating simulations and experiential learning; experience that has been gained across a diverse range of industries and in various capacities on local / state / and federal government projects. A passionate educator, she has worked as a therapist, counsellor, community educator, lecturer, industry/corporate trainer and national competency trainer and assessor, manager, curriculum developer, researcher and change manager.

For the past seven years Gwen has been researching and developing partnership theories between psychology, education, and sustainable management and change. Her research has forged relationships between Communication Management Models, The Learning Organisation construct, Knowledge Management Theories, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Risk/Crisis and Disaster Management, Organisational Development, Strategic Management, Systems Thinking, and Ambiguity and Change. In the classroom, Gwen facilitates the exploration of knowledge management, change management, emotional intelligence and sustainability using Accelerated Learning Systems she developed as a part of her Doctoral projects.

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